Teachings with the Master - CDs/MP3s - 6 Month Set - 2018

Teachings with the Master  -  CDs/MP3s - 6 Month Set - 2018
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This is for St. Germain's "Teachings with the Master" main presentation and does not include the Q&A. It is for 2 CD's per month for 6 months-January through June or July through December.

Specify January through June or July through December. Please refer to individual list or 12 Month Set for descriptions and titles.

Purchase the a 6 month set for only $90!  You get one month of classes free at this price!

The additional charge for CD’s is for shipping & handling.  Please note: If you purchase the CD set in advance of the classes being held, there will be additional shipping charges to accommodate individual mailings.  We will notify you by email.  If you desire the "Q&A" from each month, please contact us. Also, if you order this in advance of the classes, MP3 downloads are available.  Please contact us.

January 2018-June 2018:

January-“The Use of the Virtues in Daily Affairs”. When we live in alignment with Divine Law we become aware of the tools of a Master’s Workbench, the Virtues. Courage, Faith, Wisdom, Nobility, Vision, Clarity, Patience, Truth, Honesty, Compassion, Love and many more elements that can bring a sweeter, kinder, more fulfilling life every day.

February-St. Germain continues addressing the Virtues this month by discussing “Courage, Wisdom and Vision” as a triune of positive approach to daily living. Courage is a support system that is beginning to show up more and more as a feeling of solidarity within self. Having the ability to connect with the Wisdom of the Ancients that lies deep within can inspire new Vision and assist all of us to discover what we have truly come to accomplish in this journey. 2018 is bringing a whole new frequency of self-acceptance that can show us how to feel our power, challenges and creative abilities in completely new ways. For so long we have been limited and restricted by the games of EGO. Now it is time to honor who we are and just how capable we were created to be. The forgiveness of jealousy, fear and all of the things that “Bullies” use to diminish others frees us to live our live in an elegant new style.

March-The Virtues of Honesty, Integrity and Truth are surely and imperative for these chaotic times. To try to be honest is an exercise in futility. The most vital honesty in these times is the absolute honesty with self. Integrity is a Virtue that has been more frequently dismissed as a massive inconvenience, especially for those who hold money as far more important that personal value. Integrity guides the choices of life from the inner most connection with Spirit. Truth is not an opinion. Truth shines through the darkest times and just as Love has stood throughout all time, so has Truth. Truth is felt deep in the solar plexus and it can be denied but not ignored. St. Germain blends these vital aspects together for new direction in what seems to be some of the darkest times the earth has known.

April-“The Nobility of Your Mastery” Nobility in the World is a show of rank. Nobility in spirit is the quiet, powerful acceptance of who and what we are and living that Wisdom in every creation and action that we make. “I AM a Master” is not information tossed out to impress others. This awareness is the foundation of how the life is lived. Mastery is not a cloak that is put on for special occasions and then put into the closet until it is needed again. Mastery is the whole Self, within and without, all of one piece, which is who you present to the World all of the time. Your Mastery is who you are!

May-“Compassion Enlightens Your Sacred Self”. The shifts and changes that are happening in the Universe are directly influencing all that is happening on Earth. The powerful influx of self-awareness can be overwhelming, but it is also bringing many Souls to experience new levels of consciousness within that, in the past, had seemed to be only lovely stories. The experience of changes that cause deeper feelings, greater openness to the Truth that is pouring into human consciousness and a depth of compassion, in the midst of blatant cruelty and cutting words, that the Earth has not known since the beginning of creation. Each one is a Sacred being. The awakening and remembering empower a sense of self that inspires new levels of goodness that heals the heart and brings a clarity that changes the direction of life permanently.

June-“Clear Vision Can Change Your World”. What we see out side of ourselves is merely a reflection of what we are thinking and holding on to within. As we see beyond the limits of old teachings the World outside mirrors the shifts that we are creating within. As St. Germain continues to discuss the power of the Virtues in our daily life, he is not only speaking of vibrational changes, but how they affect everything on Earth. We are dynamic Divine Creators. Remove the filters that have denied the ability to see the TRUTH and what is revealed for you is awesome.

July 2018-December 2018

July-“Patience, the Virtue that is Most Ignored.” This is a very important consideration for these times on the planet. Patience has long been overlooked, ignored because it requires taking a moment to feel into self and the situation and decide to remain calm and access what is really being said or done rather than making snap decisions based on assumptions. Patience calls forth the Master in each person, in each situation. It is time for all people to begin to feel into themselves and discover the living Master that they are. Being patient with self allows the recognition of personal worth and value that change the responses to life.

August-“Discipline and Strength, Devotion to Service in the Highest Order”. The lines of demarcation are getting more and more obvious between those who listen within and hear the guidance of heart and Soul rather than emotional reactivation and control. Doctors, people with a badge, priests, ministers, rabbis, even politicians have been trusted to be honest, fair and considerate. Now, it would appear that the glory of what things look like is far more important that the reality of outcomes. When service is the personal goal the heart brings wisdom and guidance to the mind, rather than just following the old rules, “this is what you do, so don’t take the time to feel into what your choices are, just do what you have been told”. When the desire of the life is Love and compassion, there is a new depth of connection to the Divine that will call for that brief moment when the path of Truth is clearly defined.

September-“The Virtue of Purity is Grounded in Life” is St. Germain’s message for September. The Teachings blend Spiritual aspects and the daily affairs of life so that people everywhere can begin to recognize that life is not at all separate from the realms of higher awareness. Purity has been interpreted, quite often, as something that is too good to be true. However, as the paradigms are shifting purity brings a whole new feeling of mental, emotional and physical cleanliness at much deeper levels within. As all of the old decay of past is transformed into new energy all of humanity can begin to feel better about who they are and where things are going. Pure thought is well considered, rather than “holier than thou”. The desire of the Masters who are assisting the earth in its evolution is to make each being aware of the potential that the virtues hold for the new becoming.

October-“The Virtue of Power is a Blessing.” Humans both desire and fear power. The power of the war constructed by the finite mind almost always carries a price. Therefore, the belief that power can be painful and costly is in the collective consciousness. Power from within, personal power of Love is priceless. How power is used is the most important value. To manipulate or control with fear and intimidation always returns to the sender with thrice-fold negativity, while power in Love is sustaining and fulfilling, thrice-fold.

November-“The Amazing Power of the Ethical Self”. Personal Growth is about embracing the Power of Self. This power is not found out in the world, but within the Sacred Center of Self. Ethics and integrity are necessary elements to have a happy and fulfilling life. Without these energies, life becomes a fear-based war zone, filled with uncertainty. Personal ethics allow you to be well with yourself, no matter what is going on outside of you. Your ethics are like a key in a lock to deeper resonance of character and self- value. When the inner foundation is corrupt the wisdom to make wise, honest choices is hidden or disempowered to the point that any choice made is questionable. The logical mind dwells on “How to get what I want right now”. It encourages quick thinking and hasty decisions. The power of personal ethics mends and heals the coalition of Self and self so that the process of making choices becomes progressively clearer and easier.

December-“Truth, Faith and Love.” This trine of Virtues brings strength and support to the Herat, Soul, and Mind as the year draws to an end. To feel the fullness of the divine essence of these Virtues now in these times when the chaos of the world is creating the necessity for each and every one to be aligned within themselves. ALL are experiencing some major changes in their life and no one is more burdened than anyone else. Find these feelings of empowerment within and enjoy the holidays in interdependence.