2018 Intensive (Nov) 3 Day titled “Discover how to find the New Human within You” CD or MP3

2018 Intensive (Nov) 3 Day titled “Discover how to find the New Human within You”  CD or MP3
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As the Revelation is moving quicker, we are all experiencing changes that both amazing and disturb us. St. Germain defines the direction that this evolution is taking us and how it is redirecting the way that the planet has functioned for lifetimes. Every aspect of life on the planet is being touched by these changes. No one can sit by and think about whether they will change. If we are on the planet we have agreed to make the shifts or be shifted.

The chaos of the times is a manifestation of the EGO minds confusion. When there is confusion around any situation it simply means that we a re trying too hard to make something happen or trying to figure things out from a logical point of view, rather than allowing our intuition and spiritual flow to guide the process. St. Germain brings clarity and understanding to help us move through these changes with peace and ease.

The Intensive will be held here in the beautiful foothills of the Wind River Mountains on November 9, 10 and 11. The cost is $350 for the three-day event. We would love to have you join us and experience the amazing energy of St. Germain in the powerful essence of the Lander Valley.

The cost for the CDs and mp3s will be $150. CDs will have $10 shipping and will not be available for shipping or downloading until after the event.