Teachings with the Master - CD or MP3 (2019)

Teachings with the Master  -  CD or MP3 (2019)
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A recording of  "Teachings with the Master" evening.

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January - St. Germain begins the new year with the subject “Personalize your Inner Path”. The path within is YOUR OWN WAY TO CONNECT WITH SELF. It is not designed by someone else. It is a gift from the Creator that has been with you since the beginning. You have all of the abilities to discover and develop your inner space, your Sacred Place, your Prayer Field, your own Realm of Influence. This is where you begin to truly find out who you are.

February-“The Pathway to Personal Growth Leads Inward” with “The Golden Revelation”. As we put conscious communication into effect in our lives, we actually begin to recognize just how powerful it is to feel our own thoughts and experience the impact of our words consciously, for ourselves. The revelation of finding the inner personal, soul centered-being that we are is truly GOLDEN.