Teachings with the Master - CD or MP3 (2019)

Teachings with the Master  -  CD or MP3 (2019)
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A recording of  "Teachings with the Master" evening.

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January-St. Germain begins the new year with the subject “Personalize your Inner Path”. The path within is YOUR OWN WAY TO CONNECT WITH SELF. It is not designed by someone else. It is a gift from the Creator that has been with you since the beginning. You have all of the abilities to discover and develop your inner space, your Sacred Place, your Prayer Field, your own Realm of Influence. This is where you begin to truly find out who you are.

February-“The Pathway to Personal Growth Leads Inward” with “The Golden Revelation”. As we put conscious communication into effect in our lives, we actually begin to recognize just how powerful it is to feel our own thoughts and experience the impact of our words consciously, for ourselves. The revelation of finding the inner personal, soul centered-being that we are is truly GOLDEN.

March-The Pathway to Personal Growth Leads Inward with “Spiritual Intimacy Requires Involvement”. People dream of perfect relationships and then are so disappointed when the other person is not what they expected. Rather than complaining about how the other person falls short of perfection, LET GO OF PERFECTION! Enjoy others for who they are. Appreciate their uniqueness and be amazed at the delightful person that can emerge when they are not buried under criticism. When you put yourself in the relationship rather than just being a watcher, you get so much more out of the involvement with others.

April-"The EGO: Why It Is with Us."  Throughout time the EGO has been characterized as “The Devil” that inspires the chaos of life. We ask why do we have EGO and how do we “get rid of it”? The churches have spoken of killing the EGO or exorcising it like a demon. The EGO was created in the beginning of Soul moving to physical form. Its intension, to help remind the Soul that the physical body can be damaged. St. Germain will elucidate on how the EGO came to be what and where it is in these times.

May-“The Inward Path is Not Intellectual”.  on Wednesday evening, May 8th , 7PM MDT.  The mind wants to learn “how, what, when, why and where” and then do the “right thing” in order to get these mental aspects to work. Spirit embraces the mind, but functions in REAL TIME, rather than concepts, theories and ideologies. Living your experiences is the best way to understand the way life truly operates. To feel the energy as you use it, to recognize what happens as you make your Masterful choices, to be in touch with the outcome of your actions so that, in the future, you make wiser choices is vital to the shifts that are occurring now.

June-Pleading Victimization Does not Stand in Your Favor”. Victimization is one of the four major control games that are discussed in the Celestine Prophesies by James Redfield. As we come to recognize our own control games, there is a sense of freedom and relief that is immeasurable. Pleading victimization has become a psychological game and people slip into victim mode as a defense mechanism. Powerful, amazing people will seek to present themselves as victims so that others will “feel sorry” for them and let them have what they want. When the presentation is filled with confidence and self-worth the outcome is much more apt to be IN YOUR FAVOR.

July-"The Divided Mind" The world is facing division everywhere that you look. The healing begins with each individual as there is the willingness to think, to feel, to live in alignment. The EGO strives for confusion and chaos, saying one thing and then swearing that that is not what was said or meant. The challenge for all of humanity is to bring the mind and Spirit into harmonious cooperation. The more focus there is on personal strength, compassion for self in the changes, and internal clarity the less the EGO can convince humanity that everything is falling apart. The changes that are happening are necessary and important, and nothing is as it appears to be.

August-"Discernment: An Ultimate Requirement for These Times"  We have been programed to accept what we see as reality. The mind cannot process information quickly enough to recognize nuances that could tell a different story than just what a quick glance can show. As we remember just how important total awareness is, as we dip into the ancient memories that we have pushed away for life times that held the ability to discern a much broader scope of what is happening at any moment, we begin to discover knowledge, information, beauty and clarity that is not available without the connection to parts of ourselves that have been dismissed as cumbersome, difficult or just unnecessary. The vibrational essence of Earth is accelerating, yet humanity is allowing itself to descend into lower frequencies that blind us to all that is being revealed in higher consciousness. It takes discernment to see beyond what is seen with physical eyes.