2019 Group Sessions - CD, MP3 or Call In

2019 Group Sessions  -  CD, MP3 or  Call In
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The Call-In is $25.00. The price for Call-In, CDs or MP3s is adjusted at Check-out. Please be sure to specify the Month for your call-in Order. You will receive an email after purchase & prior to the event with call-in details.

Each Group Session includes 2-3 CD's or MP3's.  MP3's are $15.00. CD's are $15 plus $3.00. The addidtional charge for the CD's is for shipping/handling. Please choose which month and format you would like--upcoming months will be sent after the session has happened.

January-“An Open Heart Brings Freedom”. It seems like such a challenge to keep an open heart in these times when there are so many things that can bring fear, doubt and wounding to whole new levels of awareness. The Good News is that the open heart allows more of the soothing feelings of confidence, self-worth and more and greater Love. When the heart shuts down, you can feel the changes in your physical organ. It may bring pain and sadness or anger and depression. Some feel as though they are having a heart attack when the heart opens and the EGO uses that as an excuse to stay closed in. The heart has been restricted in its operation in the mental and emotional realms, so that now, as it is tie to expand the concerns about these changes are bigger than necessary. Your heart is a powerful organ, with great capacity for Love, as well as, loving and being loved. Over the past three years the outpouring of Love from the Universe has increased a thousand- fold. The healings on all levels are readily accessible to ALL. LOVE and TRUTH are intertwined essences. Know the TRUTH and that truth does free you be more than you have believed possible.

February-The Goddesses Isis, Artemes and Kwan Yin on Clear Communication and Inter-Personal Changes. The Goddess Emerging is bringing a whole new perspective to the Earth and all of her people. The fact that even if we are attempting to go the same way that we always have the road is not taking us in the direction that it did before. We are required to connect within ourselves and it cannot be done. The changes call for Love, compassion and Self-awareness in measures that have not been known or recognized before.