2019 Group Sessions - CD, MP3 or Call In

2019 Group Sessions  -  CD, MP3 or  Call In
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Each Group Session includes 2-3 CD's or MP3's.  MP3's are $15.00. CD's are $15 plus $3.00. The addidtional charge for the CD's is for shipping/handling. Please choose which month and format you would like--upcoming months will be sent after the session has happened.

January-“An Open Heart Brings Freedom”. It seems like such a challenge to keep an open heart in these times when there are so many things that can bring fear, doubt and wounding to whole new levels of awareness. The Good News is that the open heart allows more of the soothing feelings of confidence, self-worth and more and greater Love. When the heart shuts down, you can feel the changes in your physical organ. It may bring pain and sadness or anger and depression. Some feel as though they are having a heart attack when the heart opens and the EGO uses that as an excuse to stay closed in. The heart has been restricted in its operation in the mental and emotional realms, so that now, as it is tie to expand the concerns about these changes are bigger than necessary. Your heart is a powerful organ, with great capacity for Love, as well as, loving and being loved. Over the past three years the outpouring of Love from the Universe has increased a thousand- fold. The healings on all levels are readily accessible to ALL. LOVE and TRUTH are intertwined essences. Know the TRUTH and that truth does free you be more than you have believed possible.

February-The Goddesses Isis, Artemes and Kwan Yin on Clear Communication and Inter-Personal Changes. The Goddess Emerging is bringing a whole new perspective to the Earth and all of her people. The fact that even if we are attempting to go the same way that we always have the road is not taking us in the direction that it did before. We are required to connect within ourselves and it cannot be done. The changes call for Love, compassion and Self-awareness in measures that have not been known or recognized before.

March-“It Is Not About THEM Until You Allow It to Be About You”. The blame game must stop and it cannot stop as long as humanity keeps looking outside of themselves for the flaws. Criticism, faultfinding and judgment solve nothing. There are so many words of blame that the air is as thick with the opposition as a battlefield is with smoke. “I did not do that” has become the fifth amendment of life. Master not only does not make excuses, but seeks to live a life that sits so well with the inner self that there is no need to always be on the defensive. Hoping not to get caught does not make for a life of contentment. When the focus is on creating a positive life, it won’t be perfect, but it can be expansive in Love.

April- "Free Will and Personal Choice"  There seems to be an inner war over personal expression and a desire to “do the right thing”. People are demanding the right to say and do as they please, while expecting others to do what is right or expected. Free Will is a gift from the Creator. It is the Divine allowing of each Soul to make wise choices based on the guidance of Spirit within. Lifetimes of Illusion have changed the focus from listening to the inner guidance to consulting the EGO, which looks into the world and bases its directives on the outer world’s logical ideas. The necessity to find the clear truth within requires that the mind be blended with the Soul self for a balance that has not existed in thousands of years.

May-“You Don’t See Until You Are Ready”. People ask all of the time, “Why don’t I already know about the Mysteries, the Spiritual World, metaphysics, Divine Law?” St. Germain replies “You don’t see the next level of awareness or experience new dimensions until you reach a point where you allow the shifts and changes necessary for the Inner eyes to see”. There is much talk and focus on the Third Eye which is connected to the Soul Center and when the Third Eye will open. The Third Eye is open, but there is still the necessity to look at life from a new perspective and accept a different view than has been available before. Wanting to look through new eyes and see the same old world is a limitation of the EGO Mind.

June-Feeling Your Power Frees You”. As we make the shifts in consciousness that we are being moved to integrate we feel our own personal energy in much clearer ways. Energy is essential rather than physical, however, as we become awareness of ourselves in more inclusive ways, we can feel how our energy and power move. That helps us to recognize how we are using that flow of power for positive or negative creation. We have become accustomed to sending energy out into the future to grab what we believe we do not have and bring it to where we are. When we keep our power centered within us we begin to discover things, that we were sure we did not have, exist right where we are. They are ours and we are not required to take them away from some one else. As we become accustomed to recognizing our power there is an amazing sense of personal empowerment that is available to us; a source of power that changes who we are from the inside out.

July-Living Your Power and Inner Knowing in a Conflicted World”. St. Germain and all of the Masters seek to assist us in the changes that occurring connected to Revelation. We want to be powerful in the world, but first we must understand that anything that we desire to create begins within rather than out in the world first. Finding our power within and living it consistently allows us to stay clear and find inner serenity amidst all of the upheaval and conflict that is happening around us.

August-The Carelessness of Words”. When we listen to the conversations on Earth, when we listen to the internal dialogue that goes on in the mind of most humans it is amazing that anyone can achieve something even close to what is desired in the life. WORDS ARE POWERFUL. WORDS CREATE THE LIFE THAT IS LIVED. COSTIC, CRUEL, CONFLICTED THOUGHTS AND IDEAS BRING PAINFUL OUTCOMES TO A LIFE. JEALOUS, BITTER, ARGUMENTATIVE WORDS CREATE A LIFE OF CONFLICT. Where do your thoughts dwell? Do you stop to consider what you really desire your life to be? When the words that are spoken or thought are in opposition to the vision for the life, there is truly no surprise that the life does not present itself as the concepts would lead one to believe. YOU CREATE THE LIFE THAT YOU LIVE. CARELESS WORDS DO NOT BRING A MASTERFUL LIFE.

September-The Determination to Live Positively”. The EGO mind constantly is pressing to keep the focus on what is negative in life. “How we stop the “bad” people?” is a constant question. When the energy of life is always involved with a focus on wrong and bad, where is the space to create positive outcomes? The requirement to be determined to live in a positive mind set, a positive space where new good has room to grow and take root in soil that is not depleted by the drain of negative thinking. The EGO even keeps whispering about how tired life can make you and how other people can drain you with their thoughts and problems. It isn’t about them. You cannot change how they live even if you tell them they need to change. As you express within yourself the DETERMINATION TO LIVE LIFE POSITIVELY you begin to feel a new energy. It takes a bit of time to redirect the flow of thought power to bring about a clear channel for consistent positive thinking, however, as you are willing to seek the best outcomes and feel the sweet flow of “the highest good for all concerned” the old ways of revenge and the justification of suffering for those who disserve it (the mirrors of self) begin to melt away and what is revealed is a whole new world of positive essence that is waiting for the Illusion to pass. Each person creates the world that they live in. Are you determined to create your world positively?

October-"Everything About You Is Valueable." Even the things that the EGO worries about, the things that you are not sure of, all have value because they give you opportunities to make choices. The EGO does not like to choose because it might be wrong. Using your Free Will aligns you with your own personal power and strengthens your ability to trust yourself. YOU ARE VALUEABLE!

November-"Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance of Self." St. Germain constantly reminds us that we are the most important person in our lives. This is not exclusive of others, but allows a much greater inclusion. The teachings of the world, have for so long, created confusion over how much and not enough in any choice. There is a fear that self-love is inappropriate; somehow it might be too much of a good thing. The EGO warns that one must be careful not to give self too much. The judgments that ae directed to others are magnified against self. Feeling love toward self is just as beautiful as feeling love for others and just as gratifying. To forgive oneself allows an openness to for give others.  To accept self without judgment, without being perfect, is very freeing. None of this can be accomplished mentally. It requires feeling the essence of generosity and compassion within, rather than keeping the feelings at a distance.

December-"An Open Heart Brings a Happier Life."  This time a year offers an illusion that everyone SHOULD BE HAPPY. Yet the pressure to preform, to GIVE, GIVE, give and to keep up appearances can be heavy. Often the emotions of inadequacy can cloud even the brightest of possibilities and make the heart seem to close down. Begin by allowing things to be easy by making choices that help you to feel good. Say “no” when you have to, rather than pretending that you are SUPER HUMAN. Be willing to receive, which opens the circle of Love (giving and receiving) and heals the wounded heart so that it can open to the joy of the season.