Teachings with the Master - 2020 Personal Growth Package

Teachings with the Master  -  2020 Personal Growth Package
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Open up to the inner self and find the gateway within that brings you to the New World that is only found through Spirit.

St. Germain will be demonstrating the way to reach your own Divine Self in the Sacred Center within. Feel the energy of the Master as He speaks directly to you through His message. St. Germain asks for a commitment of six months, to yourself, in order to begin the journey of wonder that finding youself brings. It takes at least six months to reframe your focus so that you can hear the quiet wisdom that Spirit offers. Learning to council with your Soul self rather than asking the “Who, what, why, where and how” questions that the logical mind uses to distract from a bigger picture of what life has to offer.

By signing up for the Personal Growth package, you make a commitment to self to rediscover what has been hidden or set aside for life times. This has proven to be one of the most popular offerings that St. Germain has given. People are excited about the changes in their lives and express joyful anticipation for the future. Changes on all levels are bringing a whole new lease on life as we evolve into New Humans. This year St. Germain’s Teachings, which are a part of the Personal Growth Package, have been focused on how the Virtues can actually help in creating a healthier, happier, richer life.

St. Germain is  continuing to offer a “Personal Growth” package for 2020! Each month you can get the Teachings, Q & A (either call-in or CDs or MP3 downloads) and a one hour private session with St. Germain to develop your personal spiritual evolution.

The cost will be $120 per month with a six month commitment which is a great deal as a one hour private session is $200 normally. If you wish to  do both call-in and CDs or MP3 downloads it will be $30 more per month.St. Germain will continue this package throughout 2015 if you choose to continue all year. Just imagine spending an hour of valueable time each month discussing anything about your growth that you wish with the Master. We have the good fortune of spending time with him regularly and it is such an up lifting experience.

There is an additional $3.00 for shipping/handling of CDs.